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The Three Photographies I’d Love to Have

Nr. 1 Case Study House #22 (Julius Shulman)

The first time that I saw it, was on the page of a Sunday’s issue of the Financial Time. I was reading it on a bench in a public park in Bern; must have been shortly after returning from a US’ trip, for I always read this journal when I got it for free on an airplane.

I cut it with my hands from the journal, before I threw it away, and sneaked it in the frame of the unused computer monitor that rests on my desk. It was Julius Shulman’s Case Study House  #22. This Los Angles’ magnificent black and white architecture photography, is the first print one that I ever desperately wished to have and – quoted around 15,000 $ – I could not afford to buy. As first photographic love, I grant this picture the nr.1 position of this wish list and – I promise – I will own it one day, no matter how futile this “trophy hunt” might look.

case study house 22 julius shulman


Nr. 2 Twisting at My Birthday Party (Nan Goldin)

This image was featured on an Internazionale‘s article on Nan Goldin’s “The Ballad of Sexual Dependency” book. It is not one of her most acclaimed pictures, actually it is pretty rare to found on web, and I ingenuously asked a quotation to a gallery, leading to a half heart attack when I was quoted a round 25,000$ for it.

I don’t know what attracts me in this picture, but I do love it; perhaps because it reminds me of certain odd and shaggy parties I happened to witness in my life.

nan golding twisting at my birthday p

Nr. 3 Patti Hansen Over Manhattan (Helmut Newton)

At place number 3 is Helmut Newton’s “Patti Hansen Over Manhattan”. I consider this as a very strange choice for me, because neither I have a passion for Helmut Newton, nor I use to like nude photography. Despite this, this image is incredibly powerful, and might well be my first and only nude photograph that I would ever love.

patti hansen manhattan helmut newton

P.S. Since a long time I sustain that there is a big gap in the arts market between premium photographers, those auctioned at Christies and Co. whose picture go for the 10+ k$, and very low-class photographers that are barely able to make a hundred bucks for their creations. I do believe there is a troop of outstanding though not famed photographers, and of middle-class collectors, willing to meet in the 500-2000 $ market zone. Despite my effort, I wasn’t able to identify an appropriate online marketplace dedicated to this market segment.

Today I sold my first photography: a London’s pub under a snow storm

Today I sold my first picture ever, for the astounding amount of 25 $!

It’s a picture I took couple years ago in London, when the city was under a heavy snowstorm and I was lucky enough to see the city under an unusual white snow blanket. The image will be used in a promotional video of a new book.

Quite oddly this happened just a couple of days before I will visit London and the Ansel Adams exhibition at the Royal Museum of Greenwich

London Snow Storm by Davide Lasi (davidelasi)) on 500px.com
London Snow Storm by Davide Lasi