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Thomas Sankara

Betrayed, forgotten, written-off: Thomas Sankara was a true upright man. He was incredibly smart in the simplicity of his ideas about the sustainable development of his country, Burkina Faso, free from imperialism and based on solid local real-economy grounds.

He lived as he preached, by refusing all the benefits that his presidential position would have entitled him and by putting into practice his teachings. For example, he insisted on dressing only with Made in Burkina Faso clothing, to show his people that his country would be capable of producing what the population need and be proud of it.

Sankara was a politician with an uncommon trait: he was used to say exactly what he thought, without compromises, without fear, not even when sitting next to a giant such as French Prime Minister Mitterand. His attitude made him enemies, and his tragic premature death marked the end of a dream for a country, and the vanishing of a hope for an entire continent.

My defining quote

Our Country produces enough to feed us all. We can even produce more than we need. Unfortunately, for lack of organization, we still need to beg for food aid. This type of assistance is counterproductive, and has kept us thinking that we can only be beggers who need aid.